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With a group of committed and passionate teachers, the department aims to provide our students with a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and skills that will help them to solve real life problems and pursue further interest in Mathematics. We also aim to develop in our students a positive attitude towards the learning of Mathematics so that they will be resilient and confident in solving mathematical problems.

The department incorporates Polya's Problem Solving Framework into its teaching and learning, where students are taught process in problem solving. Flipped learning and e-learning are part of mathematics teaching and learning. Through these, students cultivate self-directed learning (SDL) skills in their learning of mathematics concepts, and teachers have more opportunities to further enhance their students’ learning. The department includes activities and tasks that promote collaboration as well as independent learning amongst students. Students go through learning experiences to enhance their reasoning and communication skills. These include going out of the classrooms to investigate and record findings, as well as sharing their learning experiences with the rest of their classmates. Students also experience lessons that involve the use of technology to explore and construct their own learning and in the process, learn to use various information and communications technology tools that will help them to strengthen their conceptual understanding.

Key Programmes

Mathematics Olympiad Programme

Students who are competent in Mathematics are given opportunities to participate in weekly Mathematics Olympiad trainings as part of the Mathematics enrichment programme. The training is customised for our students based on the following objectives:

  • To develop higher-order thinking skills through solving challenging mathematical problems
  • To stimulate critical thinking in Mathematics
  • To provide deeper insights into challenging Mathematical problems
  • To prepare for Mathematical Olympiad Competition / Mathematics Competition
After a year of training, all participants will represent the school in the annual Singapore Mathematics Olympiad Competition organised by National University of Singapore. Our students have been doing well in the competition, being awarded the silver and bronze medals as well as the honourable mention.

Hands-on Learning Experiences

4H_Peel orange activity.jpg Surface area of sphere - peel orange - 2C_02.jpeg

Peel Orange Activity

Collaborative Learning Activities

Marbles in bottle - 2B_01.jpeg Marbles in bottle - 2B_02.jpeg
Marbles in bottle - 2B_03.jpeg Marbles in bottle group work.jpg

Marbles in bottle group work discussion

Measuring activity 2.jpg

Measuring Activity

Dot diagram activity.jpg

Dot Diagram Activity

Number disc.jpg

Number Disc

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Assessment for learning (AfL) in classroom



Ngee Ann Polytechnic Math Challenge 2019 - Champion
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2019 – 2 Bronze & 7 Honourable Mention


Ngee Ann Polytechnic Math Challenge 2018 -- 2nd
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2018 – 2 Silver, 8 Bronze & 5 Honourable Mention


Maths Challenge 2017 -- 3rd (Overall)
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2017 -- 4 Bronze & 5 Honourable Mention