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To nurture students to become creative lifelong learners who are effective and affective Fairsians, committed to serve the school and the community.

Aesthetics departments is made up of four distinct units: Art, Design and Technology, Food and Nutrition and Music. Through these subjects, Fairsians will learn to appreciate the diversity and beauty of Arts and Aesthetics and be given opportunities to engage in and express their own creative side through the various creative project work.

Key Programmes

Arts Parade (with Aes PDOC)

As part of our plan to enrich our students’ aesthetic experiences and to broaden their understanding and appreciation of the diversity and richness of the Arts, our department teachers (together with others in the Aesthetics PDOC) helps to organise a series of “Art Parades” – Art related classes and workshops ranging from dance, drawing, sketching to Disc jockey introductory sessions, 3D modelling workshops, cold batik and many other art forms.

Our teachers also step up to offer a range of classes based on our expertise, including but not limited to balloon sculpting, guitar jamming, 3D modelling and culinary art.

Aesthetics Week & Aesthetics Parents’ Night

The Aesthetics Week will be held on the first week of February. During the week, the students will be introduced to many fun facts about the Aesthetics subjects and they will be able to enjoy the various Aesthetics related competitions and events such as Junior Master Chef competition, make and race design competition as well as non-competitive activities such as 3D Modelling classes and Art jamming sessions.

On the night itself, we will also invite the parents of our Sec 4 coursework students to a discussion forum with our Aesthetics teachers, so that they can get a better idea of the nature and demands as well as the Dos and Don’ts of the Upper Secondary coursework examination.

Aesthetic termly displays (project and competitions)

As part of our effort to acknowledge the pride and effort our students have put in their work, DT and Art unit will display the student’s project on a rotational basis throughout the year.

We will also showcases the winning entries of the various competitions that we will hold every year.

Through this, we hope to encourage instil a sense of pride and ownership in our students.

Lunchtime Concerts – Lower Secondary Class Band and Studio recital by Sec 3 and 4 Music students

The department has lined up a series of lunchtime concerts for the various levels as a platform for the students who have a flair in music to showcase their talent with confidence in a safe and nurturing setting.

For the lower secondary students, we have the Class Band Concert for them to showcase their instrumental skills and their group compositions from their music classes. For the upper secondary Music students, they will have an opportunity to perform at the recitals organised for their respective levels.

The lunchtime concert contributes to the holistic development of the school’s Aesthetics programmes and provides students who love music with an experiential platform as both learners and performers of the arts.

Aesthetics Making / Jamming workshops / sessions

Once during each semester, to support the Fairfield Arts Parade workshops, our Aesthetics teachers will also conduct a workshop related to their respective subject areas. Workshops such as 3D modelling (via fusion360), paper cutting, self-portrait, culinary art sessions, design and make - hand phone stand, introduction to synthesiser jamming sessions and more may be on offer during each session.

Through the workshops/ jamming sessions, Fairsians will be able to engage in one of their favourite art forms and develop their interests and skills further. They will also have a completed artefact to take away from the workshop, be it in the form of a recording, hand phone stand, 3D model (with an offer to 3D print their product) or a delicious and savoury puff and parfait.