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Student Well-being


A warm welcome to you. 

Secondary school students will often face many challenges throughout their journey in this formative period of their lives. These difficulties could range from academic stress, school anxiety, peer relationship issues, changes in family dynamics, grief etc. They may be overwhelming for you, leading you to feel stressed, angry, sad, anxious, frustrated, and other low moods. 

In Fairfield, we recognize the challenges faced by our students and continue to advocate help-seeking behaviours among our students. The possible benefits of help-seeking behaviour include greater anonymity and confidentiality, lowering concerns regarding any associated stigma.

Counselling can be helpful as it can guide students in discovering new coping mechanisms, making changes and managing their problems more effectively.

There is nothing shameful about seeking help. You may feel vulnerable and unsure at first, but asking for help is crucial. Appropriate mental health treatment will set you on a path of recovery that enables you to enjoy your life indeed. 

Our school counsellors are here to support you in managing your mental and social-emotional well-being as you navigate through your secondary school years. 

Reach out to us via phone.

Ms. Tan Xin Ru

Senior School Counsellor

Tel: 67706 200

Mr. Larry Loh

Senior School Counsellor

Tel: 67706 188

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