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National Cadet Corps (Land)


Training Days & Time:

Wednesday: 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm (PDS Training: for All Sec. 2 and selected Sec. 3 & 4 cadets)
Friday: 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm (Weekly Training: for Cadets of all levels)

Teachers In Charge:

Mr Tan Puok Yuee (Commanding Officer)
Mr Tan Chang Ci
Ms Felicia Lai
Ms Uma Devi

Cadet Officers & Associate Members

Cadet Officers
Associate Members
Lin Tong Shen (2010)
Tan Yi Xiang (2011)
Cheong Wai Kian (2012)
Darius Teo Jun Keat (2015)
Xu Ligen (2014)
Wong Hong Ying (2015)
Dylon Lawrence Han (2014)

Samuel Tay (2014)

Bryan Tan Jia Jun (2015)

Sean Ho Wen Bin (2015)

Tyson Ng Gen Howe (2016)

Jeremy Ng (2016)

Caleb Foo (2017)

Chan Guan Yu (2018)

Zacharia Aslam (2019)

Amos Prem (2019)

Rahul Venkata Mallavarapu (2019)

 Jeevan Gopala Krishna (2020) 
 Ng Jiachen (2020) 
 Chua Zhong Han Gordon (2020) 
 Muhammad Fayze Bin Muhammad Faddly (2021) 
 Mohamed Shaheem S O Mohamed Habeebullah (2021) 


In Fairfield National Cadet Corps (Land), we aim to develop our cadets’ self-discipline and initiative to help others. We believe strongly in the ‘Cadet Strong’ framework, where all cadets have a resilient mind, fit body and committed heart.

Unit Vision

A Unit to cultivate cadets to be extraordinary youth leaders who embody the core values of the Corps.

Unit Mission

Through fun and adventurous military-related activities, we hope
-    To build a strong sense of camaraderie in all our cadets,
-    To nurture our cadets to be resilient, resourceful, responsible and respectable,
-    To provide opportunities for our cadets to learn, grow and to inspire their peers,
-    To develop our cadets’ social awareness and personal conviction to be a better person and citizen.


Fairfield’s NCC Unit started in 1968 as a Girls Unit, which was eventually closed in 1982. It restarted in 1985 as a Boys Unit, and we have grown strength to strength since then as an esteemed uniformed group. Our Unit is especially proud of our Precision Drill Squad (PDS) which has attained commendable results in HQ NCC competitions thus far. This stands testament to the unwavering commitment of our NCC (Land) Cadets, Cadet Officers and Teacher Officers to the continual growth of our Unit and our Corps.


School-based Activities

Our weekly Friday trainings consist of physical training, sports and games, foot drills and the teaching of Individual Field Craft to equip our cadets with basic military knowledge. Our Wednesday trainings are for Secondary 2 and 3 cadets to train to be part of our esteemed Precision Drill Squad.

Apart from usual trainings, we organise activities for our cadets to allow them to experience the outdoors and learn more about Singapore. The main highlights are camps which are organised by our Secondary 3 Cadet Leaders:
-    March Orientation Camp
-    June Camp
-    End-of-Year Camp

NCC (Land) Cadets have had the opportunity over the years to participate in other activities during trainings or camps, including:
-    Orienteering at Gardens by the Bay
-    Night Cycling at East Coast Park
-    Dragon Boating and One-Star Kayaking Certification
-    Bubble Soccer at Kallang
-    Values-in-action Projects

NCC Headquarters (NCC HQ) Activities

NCC HQ organises yearly camps such as:
-    Camp Forge for Sec 1 Cadets,
-    Camp Steel for Sec 2 Cadets,
-    Specialist Course for Sec 3 Cadet Leaders.

Our Unit also regularly sends cadets to participate in other HQ-led overseas activities. These opportunities include physical activities such as mountain trekking in Mt Ophir or Xue Shan (Taiwan), and other military exchange programmes such as Exercise Wallaby in Australia.



Unit Recognition Award (Year of Assessment 2021)Distinction


NCC Outstanding Cadet Award 2021 MSG Muhammad Fayze Bin Muhammad Faddly 
2021 Inter-School Precision Drill Squad Competition Representation 
Guardians of the City II Virtual Tournament 2021 Representation & Silver 
NCC120 Guardians of the City (GOTC) Competition Representation 


Unit Recognition Award (Year of Assessment 2019)
NCC Outstanding Cadet Award 2020 MSG Jeevan Gopala Krishna & MSG Ng Jiachen


Unit Recognition Award (Year of Assessment 2018)
NCC Outstanding Cadet Award 2019 MSG Zacharia Aslam
NCC Precision Drill Squad Competition 2019
Champion (District)