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Guitar Ensemble


Training Days & Time:

Monday: 3.20 pm - 6.00 pm
Friday: 1.50 pm - 5.00 pm

Teachers In Charge:

Mr Joel Loke (I/C) 
Ms Liong Huimin

Instructors: Mr Chua Teck Seng 



To create a tight-knit and united CCA between peers and teachers that endeavors for excellence and strives to achieve an outstanding performance.


To inculcate a strong love and passion for guitar in our members and share the joy of music with others through our performances.


The Fairfield Guitar Ensemble (FGE) was established in 2005 by Mr Ezal, making it the youngest CCA among the performing arts CCAs in Fairfield. Mr Ezal had a vehement passion and dedication for guitar. This sparked his resolution to start up this CCA. With the aim of introducing classical guitar music to the students, FGE has grown in numbers and there are currently 40 students in the ensemble since its inauguration. FGE plays in the Niibori form, which is akin to an orchestral format, using guitars of different sizes to produce a variety of timbres.


Biennial Public performance:

2022 Kaleidoscopic Odyssey IV (Livestream of Recorded Performance on 1 July)
2020 Kaleidoscopic Odyssey III
2018 Kaleidoscopic Odyssey II: The Evolution
2016 Kaleidoscopic Odyssey I: Ride the Rainbow

School events:

2018 Fairfield Carnival (School performance)
2018 Multi- Ethic Celebration
2015 Night of Stars Concert (with FMSP) (Public Performance)
2013 Carousel 3

Yearly Guitar Camp


SYF 2021 Arts Presentation for Instrumental Ensemble (Guitar)
Certificate of Accomplishment


SYF 2019 Arts Presentation for Instrumental Ensemble (Guitar)
Certificate of Distinction


SYF 2017 Arts Presentation for Instrumental Ensemble (Guitar)
Certificate of Accomplishment