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Training Days & Time:

Monday : 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm
Wednesday : 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Teachers In Charge:

Ms Ng Ting Ting (I/C)
Ms Zhang Lu

Our Instructor, Quek Shir Lyn

Dance Instructor - Quek Shir Lyn.jpg
Shir Lyn is a well-loved instructor among the dancers. She inspires the team towards achieving personal excellence and emphasizes to them the importance in reaching out to others, making connections and nurturing one another with encouraging words and actions. 

Shir Lyn started dancing at a young age of 7. Trained in Chinese dance, she has become a versatile dancer who excels in Contemporary and Jazz. Some of her awards include being placed Champion in Super 24 (2012) and runners-up in The Royal Dance Off (TRDO, 2011 – 2014). Her achievements as a coach in schools are also a testament to her strong-willed and disciplined commitment in dance. 

Over the years, Shir lyn has taken on the role of a choreographer and producer. She continues to instil in her students a holistic dance education. Shir Lyn believes in nurturing young confident learners who are self-motivated and self-disciplined in striving for excellence in all aspects of their life.


Our Vision

Our dancers are strong and resilient individuals who strive for excellence with a committed spirit in their endeavours. Our dancers are life-long learners who believes that the journey is the destination, and that every success or failure is an opportunity for growth. Our dancers share the joy of dance with others and inspire audiences with their uplifting and introspective performances.

Our Mission

We wish to enable every dancer to reach his or her fullest artistic potential through dance. We want to inculcate the talented yet humble dancer who is not only strong and precise in technique, but is also receptive and sensitive to the outside world. We strive to bring out the best of characters in our dancers who embody an excellence mind set, team spirit and resilience. Our dancers will support one another through challenges and have the heart and patience to nurture others. They will continue to pursue the love of dance and influence others positively throughout their journey in life.

Our Motto

Dance Out Loud


Fairfield Dance was established in 2004 and has since come a long way. Its avant-garde contemporary style was shaped by the hands of dance instructors (Amice Lim and John Mead) who founded John Mead Dance Company. Under Amice Lim’s tutelage, Fairfield Dance realised the dream of their first ticket-selling production in NAFA theatre in 2010.

From 2015, Shir Lyn (Ms Quek) took over and laid the foundation of contemporary jazz and modern ballet into Fairfield’s style of dancing. Under her leadership, the team achieved their first SYF Arts Presentation (AP) certificate of Distinction in International Dance. Shir Lyn continued to raise the dancers’ standards and heighten their passion through participation in prestigious national competitions like Super 24 and The Royal Dance Off (TRDO). In 2018 and 2020, Fairfield Dancers choreographed and put up their own graduation recitals, Black Box Volume 1 & 2.


Parents’ Night

All parents, in specifically the Secondary One parents, are invited to a rehearsal cum dialogue session with the teachers and coach at the end of Term 1. Dancers will share testimonies of their growth in the team. Parents have the opportunity to understand what the CCA has in store for their children as well as connect with other parents.

Tumbling Workshop

Dancers will learn rolls, flips, kicks and aerial stunts with guidance from experienced professionals during our holiday camp trainings. These skills give dancers an edge in their breakthrough performances in Super 24 and SYF platforms.

Bi-annual Recital: Black Box Series

Our dancers choreograph and put together their very own recital during non-SYF years. This is a graduation showcase for the Secondary Four and Five. Features include solo as well as buddy performances with Secondary One dancers. All dancers are involved in choreography by exploring diverse themes.

2018: Black Box Vol. 1 – GENESIS
2020: Black Box Vol. 2 – Chain Reaction


SYF Arts Presentation (AP) for International DanceDistinction ( 2 Teams) 

SYFgoesOnline!_DanceVerve20! UrbanContempDelight 2 Showcase 


SYF Arts Presentation (AP) for International Dance


Super 24 Division Runners-Up and National Finalist (Secondary)


SYF Arts Presentation (AP) for International Dance