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Fairfield Merit Bursary (Sports)




A couple who are ex-students from the batch of 1998 wishes to donate a sum of $2000 annually to sponsor 4 successful applicants.


They were active in sports, representing the school in Netball and Table Tennis during their education in the school.


The couple hopes to provide funds to bless future sportsmen/sportswomen of the Sports CCAs.

Terms of Award


Awarded to members of Sports CCA teams that have performed well.


The value of Award is $350 (disbursed at Thanksgiving Services each year).


The Award fund can be used to pay for expenses incurred in the course of trainings/competitions e.g. cost of transport, coaching fees, competition registration fees, training equipment and gear. Medical fees for treating injuries sustained during sporting activities are also allowed.


The approval of the award is subjected to the Award Panel consisting of the Principal, Vice Principal, HOD PE/CCA and Subject Head PE/CCA.



The applicant



is a student of Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary);



is financially-deserving*;



has shown outstanding performance from January to August of current year in either age-group, inter-school/zonal/national, and/or national sports association-recognized competitions of his/her selected sport;



must be of good character & conduct (good role model and is supported by form and CCA teacher).


Students are reviewed yearly based on several criteria: (a) Active Contribution in CCA, (b) Strength of Character, and (c) Academic Performance.

* Details of financially-deserving guideline (Income Limit)
The applicant’s monthly gross per capita income (PCI) is computed based on the applicant’s gross household income divided by the number of living members in the same household, including the applicant and his/her parents, siblings and grandparents. For computation of the PCI, the applicant must submit original copies of the income documents (both parents) and photocopies of NRICs/birth certificates of relevant family members as documentary proof.


Documentary Proof


CPF statement showing the contribution history in the last 6 months or latest IRAS tax computation statement

Chronic illness of parent

Letter/medical report by a medical doctor registered with the Singapore Medical Council

Single-parenthood due to divorce or death

Court documents stating amount of financial contribution from former spouse or death certificate, where applicable

Other extenuating reason

Contact HOD PE/CCA for assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How will I receive the cash from the Award?
The Award recipient will receive a cheque of $350, made payable to him/her, during the Thanksgiving Services ceremony.

Q2. What must I do to document the Award upon successful application?
All recipients of the Award are required to submit a ‘Scholar’s Annual Report’ to detail how they have spent the cash awarded with the Award. This report must be submitted in October (final submission). Recipients of the Award must also submit his/her training schedule and self-reflection on his/her progress as an athlete to the HOD PE/CCA.

Q3. Do I need to submit original receipts in my Scholar’s Annual Report?
Yes. All receipts for items purchased with the Award fund should be kept for record purposes and must be attached to the awardee’s Scholar’s Annual Report.

Students can approach their CCA Teachers, Mr Francis Ng or Mr Jason Lum for more information.