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Our Vision

All our members will acquire technological skills and knowledge in either photography or videography and be inspired to pursue these skills after graduation as a life-long hobby or even as a profession. We hope that an education in visual arts will develop the students’ creativity and talents which would build their ability to communicate effectively through visuals, which is important in this age of the Internet and social media.  

What do we do? 

 All Sec 1 members attend foundational courses in both photography and videography. At the start of Sec 2, they will then move on to either the Photography Section or Videography Section whereby they would further advance their skills. Allocation is based on their learning experiences in Sec 1 and feedback from the teachers. Sec 2-4 students attend courses conducted by external vendors or do self-exploration in specific skills that they are interested in.

Students also take photos or create short films for competitions during CCA sessions. Students are also given the chance to be photographers or videographers for school events and their works will be used for various school communication platforms.

The best way to learn is to teach. Seniors are tasked to conduct foundational lessons for their juniors as a way to develop their public speaking and mentoring skills. We have an annual camp and bonding sessions, planned by seniors, in which members will get together for games.

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