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Fairfield Experience

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Keen to know more about the life of a Fairsian? 
In Fairfield, student life goes beyond the study of various academic subjects in the school's conducive learning environment. Student life is rich with experiences, be they the rigorous CCA training programmes, or the invaluable social interactions with peers or teachers. There are many opportunities for students to pursue their interests and to enjoy all that school life has to offer. Fairfield is more than a school. We are a family, growing and learning together.

The following video presents a glimpse of the vibrant life of a Fairsian in our school.

Every year, teachers and students in Fairfield come together to reflect on and give thanks to God for all He has done. The Fairfield thanksgiving services are indeed a special facet of the Fairfield Experience.
The following video also provides a glimpse of the experiences students go through in Fairfield.