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Fairfield Curriculum & WHEEL Philosophy

The Fairfield curriculum is undergirded by the WHEEL philosophy to provide Fairsians with holistic, enriched and experiential learning experiences in five domains of education represented by the five spokes of the wheel. The curriculum is centred on our Fairsian values (the hub). All five domains are necessary to nurture the four Fairsian Outcomes of wisdom, personhood, commitment to community and heart of service to achieve our vision of ‘a vibrant community of active lifelong learners and influential leaders’.

The WHEEL philosophy of education is as follows:

Holistic – Fairfield is passionate about developing every student into an active lifelong learner and influential leader by providing a holistic education. We focus on five domains, namely, Academic Programmes, Character and Citizenship Education, Community Leadership Programmes, Aesthetics Education, and Physical & Outdoor Education.

Enriched – We strongly believe that education should go beyond the boundaries of the syllabuses and that students should be given a chance to explore outside the classroom. This can be seen through the Fairfield Learning Experience (FLEX) Week as well as other enrichment programmes that are conducted for our students. 

Experiential – We believe that deep learning occurs when our students are involved and engaged in meaningful and authentic experiences, as well as reflection to help them draw connections and learning points.



4-year Developmental Plan

4 year development plan.jpg

*FLEX stands for Fairfield Learning Experience Week – The whole level will be involved in enriched and experiential learning for a week.