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Crest, Motto and Fairsian Outcomes

The emblem of the heart which forms the central motif of the school crest represents the highest of all emotions - love - the love of God for man and the love of man for his neighbour. Surmounting the heart is the torch of knowledge and wisdom which can illuminate the mind and broaden the vision of all who seek its light. Emblazoned in a band of burnished gold across the emblem of the heart is the name of the school; this represents loyalty for the alma mater. The two stars that are at the base of the crest reflect the school motto, “Pure & Honest”, ideals which every student should aspire to attain.

From the Crest to Four Fairsian Outcomes

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How We Live Out the Fairsian Outcomes

  • I ask questions to gain deeper understanding.
  • I make sound judgements.
  • I am curious and enjoy learning new things.
  • I persevere in learning.
  • I have a positive attitude towards my holistic development.
  • I do not give up when I face challenges.
  • I pursue excellence in my own learning and development.
  • I conduct myself with good character in all situations.
Heart of Service
  • I am kind and gracious to others.
  • I serve to uphold the school's and nation's core values.
  • I seek to serve others and not to be served.
  • I serve without expecting anything in return.
Commitment to Community
  • I lead by example by respecting authority and following the school rules.
  • I respect those from different backgrounds, cultures and races.
  • I listen when others are speaking.
  • I present my views effectively and with empathy.