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Info for Parents

CCE Newsflash Mar/Apr 2018

Dear parents,

We would like to keep you updated on a few special events that had taken place in the months of March and April. 

Sec 4/5 Fairfield Learning EXperience (FLEX)

The Sec 4/5 FLEX programme was conducted on 5 January and 9 March 2018 to provide our students with a better understanding of various post-secondary educational pathways. Different professions and industries, and the skills and qualifications required in each field were featured.  These talks were aimed at helping students understand the economic, educational, , sociological, psychological and choice factors that shape a person’s life and decisions regarding his/her career options.

On 5 January, students visited the Singapore Polytechnic Open House and spent the day exploring the different faculties of their choice to have a better idea of what the respective courses entail. They spent the morning exploring the different facilities and resources and also had some hands-on experience. 

row 1-1.jpg
row 1-2.jpg
Trying their hand at digital animation in SP’s green room
Learning more about the different courses and facilities in SP 

For the second day (9 March), students heard from industry experts of their choice.  These included: a partner of an auditing firm; a scientist from a research institute; a medical social worker from a hospital; an alumnus who changed paths from law to becoming an entrepreneur; a digital quotient expert in IT; a musician who performs in the arts circle and a designer who runs his own design firm. Students heard first-hand from these industry experts and learnt not only about the highs and lows of each industry, but also the qualifications and soft skills required to succeed in them. Students also had the opportunity to find out more about Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic and the courses offered. Some students also took the opportunity to go on an optional learning journey to MAJ Aviation to learn more about flying and related career possibilities. 

row 2-1.jpg
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Finding out more about the IT industry
from Ms Carol Loi
Getting up close and personal with the
planes at MAJ Aviation

Should you wish to learn more about helping your children plan for their career, do refer to the following website: https://www.schoolbag.sg/story/three-things-to-know-when-making-important-career-decisions 

Sec 1 Anti-Bullying Contract

Bullying is a very real and pertinent issue plaguing teenagers all over the world. In some cases, teenagers may not even realise what counts as bullying, and victims may also not know how to deal with cases of bullying in a positive manner. Fairfield’s endeavour to build a vibrant community of active lifelong learners and influential leaders includes zero tolerance for bullying. We educate students on what bullying is, how to handle it should they experience it, and we take bullies to task in a loving manner. As part of this effort, the Secondary 1s were given a Bullying Contract on 2 March 2018.  The contract clearly communicates what bullying is and how, as a community, Fairfield takes a firm stand against bullying. Students were invited to make a pledge and sign the contract. They were also told to bring it home to share with their parents. 

Fairfield Carnival
The quinquennial Carnival@Fairfield took place on Saturday, 7 April 2018. Fairsians of all ages came back to their alma mater and celebrated the spirit of the Fairfield family. There was plenty of food and games and our students and teachers rose to the occasion after working tirelessly for months to turn their ideas into reality! Even the PiE parents and the ever faithful Alumni all chipped in to make this an event to remember.

Through the whole process of planning and running the stalls, our students learned to work together and got down to real-world problem-solving as they navigated through the different obstacles. Carnival@Fairfield was truly a good experience which helped our students bond closer as classmates.

Our Sec 3 students, as well as the Community Student Leaders, also blessed the community through hosting of seniors from the Feiyue@Holland Close Senior Activity Centre and families from the neighbourhood which were less privileged.  Our students played their part as concerned citizens and honed their “cross-cultural” skills at the same time.   

Faith, Foundation, Family: Fairfield’s 130th year will be one in which we reflect on the core values that the school stands for--the core values that have made Fairfield more than just a school. As parents and alumni join hands with the school as One Fairfield, we stand stronger together.

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row 3-3.jpg
Students working together to set up their stall Sec 2E stronger together through the Carnival Experience Residents from Feiyue@Holland Close Senior Activity Centre


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